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The Venue Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

If you need help marketing your wedding venue business the WED Content 365 Bundle is for you. Formerly known as the "She Creates Content Calendar," this 3.0 version has been updated and combined with additional material to kick up your marketing 10x.

In today's episode, we're back with Part Two of our conversation about...

Dec 16, 2020

Content Marketing Plans for Wedding Venues

Click Here to Access the Content Calendar

Notes for this episode:

1. Review analytics - where are clients coming from? Focus on the streams producing revenue.
How to find your numbers
Google analytics
Website analytics
Online scheduler - how did you find us?
Focus on top 2-3...

Apr 15, 2020

Kinsey's COVID-19 Resource Guide

Venue COVID-19 Impact Best Practices Webinar

Lindsay's COVID-19 Resources for Venues

What is a newsletter?

Best time in business to use a newsletter?

Is it only best utilized as a new venue to get the word out on updates?

New Venue in the building process: build your list to...

Mar 11, 2020

  • P&Ps have a tendency to grow
  • Strict P&Ps can be intimidating to enforce but necessary
  • Soften the blow with a couple-friendly version


    • Contract Verbiage: If two or more barn doors are requested to be left open or remain open for an extended period of time...

Feb 26, 2020

Today on The Venue Podcast we're sharing Part Two of our training on hiring at your wedding and event venue.

We take you step by step through the differences between a Venue Manager and an In-House Coordinator and the traits you should look for when it comes to each of those hires.

We also share ideas on the "Job...