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The Venue Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

We're back with Part 2 of How to Prepare Your Wedding Venue for Engagement Season!

Here's what you'll find in this episode:


Refresh online presence:

Web - Click Here for a Google Analytics Explanation and Walkthrough


Advertising audit:

1. What is your budget for advertising this year?
2. Directories
- Which ones are performing?
 - Which ones are not converting?
3. Can you leave or decrease your account?
4. If performing well can you upgrade
5. Do you want to add directories to your portfolio (i.e. regional/more local directories)


Does your print ad need to be recreated with fresh copy/images
When will it renew?
Recreate and submit ahead of time


Google business listing - confirm all details are accurate

Can you hire a google photographer/videographer to do a 3D tour to appear on google listing

Add photos


Reviews Request:

If you haven’t requested reviews recently go back to brides within the last 12 months and send an email template.
Request google reviews first, paid platform reviews second

Click Here for a Review Request Template



Updated profile and cover photo or video

Update About section - contact info, hrs, location


FB autoresponder setup


Bio updated

Profile photo


Pinterest Resources: 

Simple Pin Podcast
Vanessa Kynes

Update profile photo, description, claim your website - is your profile a business account?

Board audit - clean what isn’t relevant

Best of Your Venue Name and where you’re located