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The Venue Podcast

Feb 12, 2020

FREE DOWNLOAD: 50 Events You Can Host at Your Venue that Are Not Weddings

How to Get More Clients at Your Wedding and Event Venue.

Here's what we'll discuss in Part Two of this episode:

Aligning with other vendor partners to create something new

All-inclusive package

Is this viable in your market?
have couples expressed interest?

Create local workshops or experiences at your venue for potential couples

Only host workshops that speak to your brand

Expand your offerings to bring in different clients, if it makes sense to your business model **ONLY expand if you’re ready - this is NOT an answer to money problems

Corporate meetings/retreats

Municipal events
City events
Date nights

Can you host industry events?
In-person networking

Activity of intentional networking - local industry events - are they working?

Set goals for each event
Good goals for introverts at in-person networking
Gatherer of people - if you’re the connector it makes you more memorable

Large and small

Get very serious and understand where your ideal clients are hanging out and go to them.
Entrepreneur meetups
Local creative groups
Create a local class on something you’re good at
Get outside of our industry to find your ideal clients - get creative!