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The Venue Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

In today's episode, we mention Lindsay's course, Funding 101. This course will help you walk into Investment Meetings confident and Prepared.

5 Video Lessons in the Course Walk you Through:

- Running a Market Analysis 
- Writing a Business Plan 
- Showing up prepared to request funding
- What to do once you’ve received funding 
- Pricing Yourself for Profit

Learn more about Funding 101 Here!

Onto Today's Episode! 

We're Discussing These Five Funding Options Today:

1. Lease to own options - leasing an existing building that may need little to no renovation, talk about the 2-year lease (why this is a good idea), seek out spaces that already have a commercial designation.

2. Owner finance options - find an existing venue that’s profitable to see if they may be in the market to sell, use your current network to gather information (don’t just knock on someone’s door and ask if they want to sell),

3. Loans from banks - if you don’t have 20% to put down towards the requested loan amount you’ll need some sort of collateral

4. Loans from investors - payback percentage and terms will depend on your investor.

** For both bank and private investors - they’ll need building capital as well as operating capital**

5. Find a partner or multiple partners - this can look like family, friends, silent partner, vendors in the industry.

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