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The Venue Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

In this episode of The Venue Podcast, hosts Kinsey Roberts and Lindsay Lucas delve into the intricacies of managing in-house bar services at your wedding venue.

This episode provides venue owners with practical tips on introducing bar packages, ensuring clients are well-informed, and handling common concerns with grace and confidence.

Setting the Stage for Successful Bar Management

Kinsey shares her approach to introducing bar services, emphasizing the importance of clear communication from the outset.

Her strategy includes making bar package options transparent on the venue's website, ensuring potential clients are aware of the services before they even book a tour.

This level of upfront transparency continues through the tour process and subsequent communications, reinforcing the venue's in-house bar policies and helping to set expectations early on. By embedding information about the bar in multiple places—such as the FAQ section, pricing page, and tour booking confirmation—Kinsey ensures that clients are never caught off guard by the venue's alcohol policies.

Personalized Communication and Firm Policies: The Key to Client Satisfaction

A standout part of the episode is a role-play segment where Lindsay pretends to be a 

bride with questions about the bar service. This engaging scenario showcases how Kinsey addresses typical client queries, from budget considerations to fears of running out of alcohol, in a manner that is both relatable and firm.

Kinsey's method of relating the venue's liquor license to that of a standard bar helps demystify the process for couples, making it easier for them to understand and comply with the venue's policies. Throughout, Kinsey maintains a balance between adapting her communication style to match the client's personality and firmly upholding the venue's established bar policies.

Role-Playing for Confidence and Clarity

Both Kinsey and Lindsay advocate for the practice of role-playing complex conversations with team members to build confidence in delivering and upholding policies.

This technique, borrowed from Kinsey's experience in real estate, is highlighted as an effective way to prepare for real-world interactions with clients. By practicing responses to potential questions or concerns, venue owners can ensure they convey their policies with the right mix of warmth, professionalism, and authority.

Clear communication, personalized client interactions, and the strategic use of role-play to master the art of conveying bar policies effectively, is a recipe for a successful in-house wedding venue bar. Good luck!