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The Venue Podcast

May 3, 2022

Mamie Hudson is the owner of Lazy S Hacienda and is a previous 1:1 client of Lindsay’s. Today Lindsay had the honor of interviewing Mamie and they reminisced on their time together and Mamie’s journey to becoming a venue owner. In this episode you’ll learn about


  • Where and how Mamie got started with renovating an old barn into a stunning wedding venue
  • How her family’s ranch became the most sought after wedding venue in the DFW area
  • The challenges Mamie faced with funding and one thing she wished she didn’t stress over in the funding stage
  • Mamie’s advice on having the courage to create something uniquely extraordinary
  • What it’s been like for her flying solo after her work with Lindsay concluded
  • Her current struggle as a venue owner
  • Her tips for marketing a unique wedding venue in a saturated market
  • The additional revenue streams she has and her advice on getting them started
  • And much more


This episode is a rare glimpse into the life of a current wedding venue owner and what their day to day looks like running one of Texas’ most popular wedding venues.